After publishing our 12th issue in April, 2010, we have decided to retire The Portland Upside.

Writer's Guidelines

The Portland Upside is an independent publication dedicated to finding and printing positive stories in the Portland metro area. We believe positive news inspires, encourages and builds a stronger and happier community. Through our free print and online newspaper, we spread both the exceptional and ordinary goodness that is happening all around Portland.

Fundamental to our community-focused approach, The Portland Upside is a volunteer organization.  Writers, photographers, editors and distributors all volunteer their time and skills. We offer many opportunities for service regardless of age, background, skill level or creative style.

Upside style

We encourage you to read past issues to get a feel for the types of articles we publish. Human interest stories, features, profiles of people and organizations, interviews, essays, poems and news, our focus is positive, enthusiastic, celebratory and uplifting. We strive for an attitude of inclusiveness and avoid political, social and religious controversy. Stories should connect to the Portland metro area in a significant way.

We welcome your phone calls and emails to discuss your ideas, answer your questions, and give you a clearer picture of our vision for the Upside.

Submission guidelines

To streamline the editing and layout process, please observe the following guidelines.

Publication process

As much as possible, we expect to retain your unique voice as a writer while providing objective content. Please be open to an editorial process that will produce the best possible articles for our readers.

Upon submission we will acknowledge receipt of your article and let you know if it’s something we can’t use. We may ask for a rewrite. We cannot guarantee that an article will be printed in a given issue. We will email you a proof a day or two before printing so you can check for errors.

After initial submission, any changes to an article must be emailed to the editor as soon as possible. We ask you not to submit a revised text, but instead to indicate changes as follows:

Replace: (the sentence as it reads in the edited version).
With: (the replacement sentence as you want it to read).

When requesting additions, place indicate the insertion point, as follows:

After: (indicate the last sentence preceding the insertion).
Insert: (the additional sentences or paragraphs you want to add).

We sincerely appreciate your effort, and in addition to sending us content, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email with story ideas and concerns.

The Portland Upside Editorial Staff

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